Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about our products. Do read the below and see if your questions are answered. If they are not, do feel free to contact us and we’d be pleased to answer them.

I am not living in Malaysia. Can I still order your products?
Yes. We will ship our products to you provided you order the minimum quantity. Minimum quantity depends on whether you are a consumer or a wholesaler. Please see Question (2) and (3) for more details.

I am a wholesaler. What is the minimum quantity that I need to order as a wholesaler?
If you are a wholesaler, the minimum quantity for shipment is 1 cubic metre. This is equivalent to 1,000 packets of the 600 g pack (Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste). In addition, shipping charges are borne by the buyer.

I am a consumer and I would like to buy Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste. What is the minimum order quantity?
If you are a consumer, you need to order at least 200 packets of 300 g or 100 packets of 600 g. In addition, shipping charges are borne by the buyer.

Do you have any distributors in Malaysia?
Not at the moment. If you would like to become our exclusive distributor, please contact us.

Do you sell your products abroad?
We intend to do so but we are still sourcing for distributors. If you are abroad and would like to become our distributor, do contact us.

Can I get your products from supermarkets?
At the moment, Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste are sold at Choice Daily supermarket in Tabuan Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak.

Is Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste just meant for cooking Sarawak Laksa or are there other uses?
Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste can be used as a marinade in addition as a sauce to be stirfried with meat or seafood.

How long can I keep Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste?
Two years. Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste does not use MSG and does not contain any preservatives or artificial colouring.

Where can I get a taste of Sarawak Laksa cooked using Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste?
Try Tiang’s Cafe in Bormill Estate, Kuching. Effective 1st November 2010, Tiang’s Cafe is under the new management of Steven Tai and Annie Tiong. However Barrett’s Sarawak laksa paste and sambal belacan are still sold at Tiang’s Cafe.

Are Barrett’s products halal and safe for Muslims to consume?
Yes. Barrett’s products are halal as we have obtained halal certification from the Sarawak’s Department of Islamic Development (JAIS).