About Us

Barrett Tan and Stefania Tan are the owners of a food manufacturing company which produces Sarawak laksa paste. The company is based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Both Barrett and Stefania had prior experiences in the food industry first as suppliers to major hotels in Kuching and later as entrepreneurs, running their own Sarawak laksa business. At present, they are owners of Tiang’s Cafe in Kuching, which sells Sarawak laksa made with their own Sarawak laksa paste.

Their Sarawak laksa paste is made from a family recipe created by Barrett’s late father, Mr Tan Yong Him. Mr Tan is the creator of the famous Swallow brand of Sarawak Laksa Paste, a product much loved by generations of Sarawakians going abroad and wanting to re-create a taste of home.

As the “offspring” of the famous Swallow brand of Sarawak Laksa Paste, Barrett’s Sarawak Laksa Paste retains the original taste and comes in more convenient sizes for today’s consumers.